First Visit

Algonquin Orthodontics Office first visit
Algonquin Orthodontics Office first visit

First Visit? No-charge Initial Exam

For your first visit to Algonquin Orthodontics Dr. O’Byrn will evaluate you or your child at the initial exam to determine if an orthodontic problem is present.

Timing is important.

If a problem is present, he’ll determine when the patient would best benefit from starting corrective treatment.

Sometimes for children, Dr. O’Byrn may simply want to periodically examine your child’s teeth while the permanent teeth are erupting and their face and jaws are growing.

In other cases, however, early orthodontic treatment achieves results that cannot be had once the face and jaws have finished growing. For these children, early treatment is recommended.

Dr. O’Byrn will sit down with you to explain his treatment plan to ensure you fully understand the procedures and course of treatment at our office. Your comfort and understanding are important to him.


Our expert staff will also sit down with you at this visit and explain the payment plans available if you should decide to pursue treatment at Algonquin Orthodontics. We understand that you need to budget for the future and want no surprises. You can be assured that our office is committed to quality orthodontic care at an affordable price.

Braces for Kids Algonquin IL

Our office is kid-friendly too. Once your child begins treatment, we have a variety of colorful rubber band ties that your child can choose for their pediatric braces Algonquin IL. These colors can be changed at each appointment, and can match your child’s favorite colors, school colors, or colors of sports teams and holidays. This is always a kid favorite at each appointment.

braces for kids Algonquin IL