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Despite our best intentions, misaligned teeth can become a source of embarrassment and lower your self-confidence. 

Luckily, Invisalign® provides a virtually invisible way to correct your teeth and boost your self-esteem.

Learn how Algonquin Orthodontics uses Invisalign to improve the smiles of patients near the Lake in the Hills, IL, area. 

What Is Invisalign? 

Invisalign® is a see-through aligner (plastic-like tray) that can straighten your teeth and correct other dental issues like a misaligned bite. Each aligner fits over an entire row of your teeth and often comes in pairs (for both rows). Invisalign uses multiple trays to shift the position of your teeth over time, and each tray is custom-made for your smile.

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Algonquin Orthodontics is the premier dentistry for all of your Invisalign needs. Dr. Amer Shammaa can provide beautiful smiles with the latest Invisalign technology, and it all begins with a thorough consultation to discuss your needs and goals. We proudly offer Invisalign for teens and adults, and our office in Lake in the Hills, IL, is open for weekend appointments to accommodate your busy schedule. 

Contact us with your Invisalign questions or go the full mile for your smile and request a consultation by calling us at: 

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The Results Speak for Themselves

Invisalign has already transformed 11 million smiles, and we can do the same for you. The photo below highlights the teeth-straightening power of Invisalign for our Lake in the Hills, IL, patients. 
Cooked teeth before using Invisalign
Straight teeth after using Invisalign

"Experienced and kind"  Dental Service Within the Lake in the Hills, IL, Area


Bilal Malas


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Dr. Shammaa helped me become more comfortable with my smile. I can now show my teeth without being self conscious about them. 10/10 would recommend.

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Lisa Moxley


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All three of my kids used them. Always on time, super clean, friendly staff. We love Annie. Just got braces off my youngest and all 3 kids have perfect teeth! 

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Invisalign Express 

Invisalign Express is a specific type of Invisalign treatment that can correct minor tooth misalignment in a short amount of time. Express offers similar benefits to other Invisalign treatments, but it’s also: 


Invisalign Express is a specific dental plan that can provide a straighter smile in only 3-6 months. 


The Express treatment tends to cost less since it requires fewer aligners than other Invisalign plans.


Invisalign Express can treat orthodontic relapse (teeth shifting out of position after treatments) and minor misalignments. 

Since Invisalign Express can only treat minor orthodontic issues, some patients may not be eligible candidates for the treatment. Talk with Dr. Shammaa during a consultation to find out whether Invisalign Express fits your needs. 

The Invisalign Process



Our dentist always begins with a thorough consultation and dental exam to address any hidden health issues. We will discuss your dental goals and recommend treatments to match your needs. Prior to Invisalign, some patients may need restorative work or extractions to open up enough space for the teeth to move. 


Once the patient is ready to begin Invisalign, our dentist will scan your mouth using the latest technology to create a 3D model of your smile. We then send that 3D model to an Invisalign lab so they can craft your full set of aligners all at once. This process may take a few weeks.  


Once the aligners arrive at our office, we can begin the treatment. Each Invisalign tray exerts a subtle pressure on your teeth to slowly move them to the correct spot. You’ll need to switch to the next set of aligners every few weeks to continue the gradual realignment of your teeth. 


Patients should clean the trays each time they eat (when possible) and wear them for 22 hours every day to achieve the best results. We will check your progress every 6-8 weeks and make any adjustments to your Invisalign treatment as needed. 


After you’ve reached the last aligner in your treatment plan, you will need to continue wearing that aligner for some time to prevent your teeth from returning to their prior positions. Our dentist will provide instructions for how long you should wear the final aligner each day (all day, all night, or both). 

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There's never been a better time than the present to improve your smile with clear aligners. No matter what age you are, if you're looking to straighten and align your teeth, call Dr. Shammaa today to request a consultation at our Lake in the Hills orthodontics office:

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"10/10 would recommend"  Algonquin Orthodontics in Lake in the Hills, IL


Abdallah Malas


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I had my Invisalign done by Dr. Shammaa and I love my teeth! He is very experienced and kind. The office is neat and well equipped. Prices are very reasonable when compared with other orthodontic offices. 

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Diana G


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Dr. Shammaa is an amazing orthodontist. I took my daughter to him for her braces and he was so nice and friendly! He was very knowledgeable and gave me all the information I needed. Definitely recommend him!

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Invisalign vs. Braces 

Many of our patients want to know if traditional braces (brackets and wires attached to the teeth) or Invisalign is better, but there isn't a straightforward answer. Invisalign and braces both offer a host of benefits but can address different dental needs according to each patient. 

Here are some of the major factors to take into consideration when deciding between Invisalign or braces: 


  • Some patients claim Invisalign clear aligners feel more comfortable than the brackets and wires of braces, but they may be tempted to take the aligners off if a new tray causes mild discomfort.

  • Patients can remove their aligners to eat, floss, or play contact sports without affecting the trays. As a result, patients can also lose or forget their aligners. 

  • Invisalign treatments last an average of 6 months to 2 years, and Invisalign Express can work in as little as 3 months. However, Invisalign may not be able to treat more intensive cases of misalignment.


  • Any mild discomfort experienced after having your braces tightened quickly goes away, and most patients barely notice their braces after an initial adjustment period. 
  • Braces cannot be removed, and patients must avoid very hard or sticky foods to keep their braces in good shape. At the same time, patients cannot lose or forget their braces at home. 
  • Traditional braces treatment lasts an average of 1-3 years, but braces can treat more intensive cases of misalignment that Invisalign cannot. These intensive cases naturally require more time to move the teeth into place.
Dr. Shammaa can go into more detail about the differences between braces and Invisalign in a consultation at our Lake in the Hills office. 

Cost of Treatment

The cost of your Invisalign treatment will vary based on your unique situation. The following factors will influence the overall cost:


Our Lake in the Hills practice will check with your insurance provider to see if the cost of treatment is covered partially, covered completely, or is not covered. We accept a wide variety of insurance providers and will ensure you receive your full benefits.

Treatment Timeline

Cases of more complex misalignment will require a longer treatment timeline, which means additional clear aligners, and additional cost. Orthodontic treatment is generally less expensive for patients receiving Invisalign Express because fewer clear aligners are used.

No matter what your dental concerns are, Algonquin Orthodontics can help assess your case and make a treatment plan that works for you. Contact our Lake in the Hills office to request a consultation and determine your Invisalign treatment cost.

"Great at explaining the treatment" 5-Star Reviews From Lake in the Hills, IL, Patients


Tarek Atassi


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Came in for a free consultation, Dr. Shammaa & the staff were great at explaining the treatment & getting me started with invisalign.

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Aylah Malas


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They are great ! Very friendly, big on customer care, very good at what they do, and they have great technology. We are very happy with Dr.Shammaa !!

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Amer Shammaa, DDS

Algonquin Orthodontics

Amer Shammaa, DDS, offers advanced orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages. Since 2018, he has helped many kids and adults straighten their smiles, improve their oral health, and achieve greater self-confidence through treatments such as:

  • Braces
  • Invisalign
  • Adult Orthodontics

To talk to Dr. Shammaa about your smile and learn how orthodontic treatment can help you, request a consultation online or call our Lake in the Hills, IL, office at (847) 854-0011.

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