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Are your crooked and misaligned teeth making you feel self-conscious while also affecting the function of your smile?

Orthodontic treatment can restore the look of your smile while preventing new dental disorders from developing.

Algonquin Orthodontics in Lake in the Hills, IL, helps patients reach their smile goals through orthodontic treatment every day of the week.

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in helping your teeth sit in a straighter, more aesthetically pleasing position, which can benefit your overall dental health. Algonquin Orthodontics in Lake in the Hills tailors orthodontic solutions to your specific needs:


Our office offers both metal and ceramic braces. Tried and true, braces are an effective treatment to straighten teeth and fix complex tooth issues.


Invisalign® clear removable aligners offer patients a way to straighten teeth while being discreet. Advancements have allowed Invisalign to increasingly tackle more complex misalignment problems.

Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontics isn't just for the young. You deserve to feel confident about your smile no matter what age you are. Algonquin Orthodontics helps patients of all ages, including adults, achieve the smile of their dreams.

Expert Care For You and Your Family Call our Lake in the Hills Orthodontic Practice Today

Whether you are seeking orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, finding an experienced and caring orthodontist is a must. Our orthodontist, Amer Shammaa, is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Dental Association, and several other professional organizations that keep him on top of the latest orthodontic techniques. You can rest assured that he and his skilled team have the experience to accurately diagnose and treat even the most complicated orthodontic issues.

Not sure if you need orthodontics? We can answer your questions during a consultation at our office in Lake in the Hills, IL. Call us or send us a message online to get started.

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Whether you're dealing with minor misalignment or a major bite issue, we can treat you with the highest level of care at our Lake in the Hills practice.

A Glowing 5-Star Review

"I had my invisalign done by Dr. Shammaa and I love my teeth! He is very experienced and kind. The office is neat and well equipped. Prices are very reasonable when compared with other orthodontic offices. 100% recommend." Abdallah Malas - 2022

Can You Benefit From Orthodontics? Request a Consultation

Are you struggling with any of the problems above? Our orthodontist can help correct your dental health concerns and help prevent further damage to your smile. 

No matter what alignment issue you have, our orthodontist can help you through the use of advanced orthodontic treatments. To make treatment convenient, our practice is open late and on the weekends. If you have questions, leave a message at our Lake in the Hills, IL, office and we'll get back to you. Or call us at Algonquin Orthodontics to get answers or to request a consultation and begin the process of straightening your smile:

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"Love the way my teeth look." 5-Star Reviews From Lake in the Hills, IL, Patients


Edgar Camacho II


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Just got braces my off. Love the way my teeth look. Staff is super friendly and the process was well worth it.

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Dima Al Hussami


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He did a great job in creating my beautiful smile! Thank you Dr Shammaa

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Stunning Before and After Transformations

Before Braces Treatment
After Braces Treatment

Braces vs. Invisalign Which Treatment is Right for Me?

A few factors can determine if a candidate is better suited for braces or Invisalign. Here are a few key differences between the two options:


  • Treats moderate to severe alignment issues
  • Can treat both teeth and jaw alignment problems
  • Brushing and flossing requires extra care
  • Fixed to your teeth throughout treatment
  • Can be made of metal or ceramic


  • Treats mild to moderate alignment issues
  • Removable
  • Clear plastic aligners 
  • Less noticeable than braces
  • Can be more comfortable than braces

Step-by-Step Treatment Timeline

Our office is open late, and we are available for weekend appointments. No matter what comes up, we can treat you right away.
Our office is open late, and we are available for weekend appointments. No matter what comes up, we can treat you right away.


Start your orthodontic journey by visiting our Lake in the Hills, IL, office. Dr. Shammaa can assess your teeth at this time to determine what the best orthodontic treatment is for you.


The doctor will take digital impressions and X-rays of your teeth to ensure a proper fit and treatment plan.


Treatment time is unique for each patient. The time will depend on the severity of your alignment issues and which orthodontic treatment you are using, braces or Invisalign.

Regular Visits

Throughout your orthodontic process, you'll visit our office so the orthodontist can adjust your braces or ensure your Invisalign aligners are moving your teeth as intended.

End Results

Once the orthodontist determines your alignment issues are corrected, your braces can be removed or your aligners discarded. The doctor will likely fit you for a retainer to keep your teeth in the correct position.

Types of Invisalign

Algonquin Orthodontics offers both traditional and express Invisalign treatments.

Traditional Invisalign

Our traditional Invisalign aligners are the simplest and most discreet way to achieve a straighter smile. Instead of bulky metal braces, patients wear a series of clear plastic trays that bring their teeth into alignment. Because these trays are removable, you can brush and floss normally and enjoy all the foods you normally eat throughout treatment.

Invisalign Express

Invisalign Express allows patients to complete treatment at a faster rate. Traditional Invisalign usually consists of 25 aligners, but Invisalign Express only consists of five to 10 aligners. This may not be an option for patients with severe corrections.

Caring for Your Orthodontics

The best way to clean and care for your teeth and orthodontic appliances will depend on the type of treatment you undergo. Your orthodontist will ensure you have all the information you need to keep your teeth healthy and your braces or Invisalign aligners clean. 


Caring for your braces is simpler than you may think. Brush and floss as you normally would, but take extra care when brushing around the ceramic or metal brackets. This will help prevent cavity-causing bacteria from collecting and damaging your teeth. We have special tools available to help you clean between your wires and brackets more effectively. 

There are certain foods you should avoid during treatment with braces. Sticky foods, like caramel and gum, can get stuck around your braces and lead to tooth decay. Hard foods, like apples and chips, can break a bracket or dislodge it from your tooth. If this happens, call our Lake in the Hills practice so we can address the issue immediately. 


Invisalign doesn't use wires or brackets, so caring for your teeth during treatment is easy. You can simply remove your aligner trays and brush and floss your teeth as you normally would.

It's important to clean your clear trays at least once a day. Use a soft-bristled brush, a mild soap, and warm water. Rinse your trays clean and return them to your mouth.

Because you will remove your aligner trays when you eat, there are no dietary restrictions during Invisalign treatment. Just be sure to brush your teeth before putting them back in. This will help prevent food debris and bacteria from collecting in your trays.

"We love it here." More 5-Star Reviews From Lake in the Hills, IL, Patients


Bilal Malas


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Dr. Shammaa helped me become more comfortable with my smile. I can now show my teeth without being self conscious about them. 10/10 would recommend.

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Jennifer Bartel


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We just found this gem of a business and we love it here. Consultation went so well we signed up and left with spacers!! Boys said this was their favorite (dental) office yet!

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Amer Shammaa, DDS

Algonquin Orthodontics

Amer Shammaa, DDS, offers advanced orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages. Since 2018, he has helped many kids and adults straighten their smiles, improve their oral health, and achieve greater self-confidence through treatments such as:

  • Braces
  • Invisalign
  • Adult Orthodontics

To talk to Dr. Shammaa about your smile and learn how orthodontic treatment can help you, request a consultation online or call our Lake in the Hills, IL, office at (847) 854-0011.

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